Sarah's Experience



"Roz was invaluable throughout not only the birth of our daughter Polly but post-natally too. Having planned a home birth and with no family near by we decided a Doula would be the support and reassurance we both needed and this was what Roz offered in abundance to not only me as the mother but also to my husband who like me didn't really know what to expect! As Polly's birth ended up taking place in hospital as an emergency cesarean the role Roz played was even more vital to us, she was the calm, stable reassurance amongst the panic of a birth not going to plan who my husband could share his fears with and who I could rely on to help with everything from helping reposition me on the bed to massage!


Post-natal support was indispensable especially having had a c-section. Roz helped around the house ensuring I wasn't tempted to get the hoover out and gave Polly the cuddles she needed whilst I did those day-to-day tasks that become impossible with a newborn! Roz was able to unobtrusively provide support to establish breastfeeding and was a friendly face I looked forward to seeing especially on those tricky days.


Roz has become a friend who Polly adores and who I know I can rely on even now to care for Polly when needed and to share any concerns with somebody with experience and a level head."