Meg's Experience


“We needed a Doula as my husband, who is disabled, didn’t feel he would be able to manage to be present throughout a long labour and he would also need help physically. Roz got to know us before the birth and how we would like the birth to go and the plan was for Roz to call my husband in to the hospital as things got closer to the birth.


Unfortunately things were not that simple. I was induced and Roz came in to the hospital before my waters were broken. Unfortunately my son turned back-to-back several hours into labour causing me intense pain. After several more hours I decided I needed more help with the pain and had an epidural which I had a bad reaction to. After 16 hours the decision was made that an emergency caesarean was necessary as my baby’s heart rate had been too high for too long and my blood pressure was creeping up.


Through all this, which could have been very scary, Roz stayed totally calm, helped me physically get through it, think through decisions that needed to be made and kept my family informed. She was able to let my husband know in time to come into the hospital and was able to take our son to him moments after the birth.


Roz (now Aunty Roz) has stayed in touch and seen our baby several times over the last 4 months. She is a lovely, caring person and easy company. She was so helpful during a difficult birth and I would recommend her to anyone thinking of using a Doula.