Lyndsay's Experience



"Roz Macklin is such a lovely woman and such a lovely doula! I am so glad that she was there for the birth of Edith. She was so helpful in keeping me calm and focused while my husband tended to the pool and my older child. She really took the time to get to know my husband and son which made it so comfortable to have her at my house for the birth. She was also willing and ready to muck in and help clean up afterwards which was beyond helpful!


Roz also came along after Edith was born to look after me and to help with my toddler which was again SO helpful when I was sat feeding my newborn all day. She is helpful if you are struggling with breastfeeding by either providing support on how to breastfeed or by tidying up while you sit there feeding.


Roz also takes the time to keep current with all things to do with birth and how birth should be. She researches, goes to lectures and regularly attends groups to learn more about birth and homebirth. She is passionate about empowering women when they are at their most vulnerable and unable to speak for themselves. She really takes the time to learn about what you would like out of your birth experience and is there to advocate for you and to support you before, during and after! I wish I knew about her for the birth of my first. If I was to have any more babies (which I am NOT!) then I would definitely hire her again. She really is lovely."