Celia's Experience



“When I fell pregnant with my first child it was an exciting experience but one which brought new anxieties; I knew nothing about babies, how to change a nappy, sterilise a bottle or pacify a child with colic and the birth itself was a daunting prospect – what pain control would I be offered? What if the baby was lying in an awkward position for the birth?


As it happened the birth itself was very prolonged and difficult and I don't know how I would have coped without Roz there for support throughout the whole birth. Even though my husband was present, having another mother as a birthing partner is very special. She has been through the birthing process twice herself and helped at many other births.


Even before the birth she demonstrated how to change a nappy on a doll and explained about alternative pain control such as massage and different labour positions.


Once my son was born he developed jaundice and I had a long hospital stay to recover, during which Roz gave advice on breastfeeding and mixed feeding. Once I returned home I struggled to pacify him when he was suffering with colic and I was anxious as a new mum when it came to bathing him. Roz was there in the background, always supporting and never interfering, allowing me to grow in confidence as I bonded with my son. Sleep was such a precious commodity in the early days and Roz gave me back some “me time” to have a bath or simply gain back some much needed sleep.


When I went into hospital to give birth to my daughter I felt very reassured that Roz was there to help - from cleaning the en-suite so that I could relax in a bath, to asking the midwives for information when I had questions - it meant that my husband could leave me for a break, knowing that Roz would keep him informed of developments.


I thoroughly recommend Roz as both a birth and postnatal doula – she is a caring and reliable lady who will ensure these precious times are as special as possible.”